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You wouldn’t expect a set of clothes for a teenage boy to suit his grandmother – but if both got sick from the same disease, they would probably receive almost the same treatment and drug choices as everyone else. That’s because even experienced doctors may have only limited knowledge about how different people respond to different treatments. The result is a “one size fits all” approach to medicine.

thanyapura-health-phuketThanyapura Health: led by the world-renowned physician, scientist and author Professor Doctor Michael Klentze, Thanyapura Health offers cutting-edge medical programs in the areas of preventive, regenerative and anti-aging medicine. Prof. Dr Klentze has more than 20 years of expertise in these fields, and our individualised advanced diagnostics offer a path for addressing your health problems and health goals with programs and treatments found nowhere else.

Thanyapura Health takes another approach: Personalised Medicine. This process of individualising diagnostics and treatment choices moves us closer to the ideal of more precise, predictable and powerful medicine, customised for each individual patient. Our growing understanding of the body’s functions, genetic background, genetic expression and epigenetic changes allows us to provide better diagnoses; safer drug, supplement and hormone prescriptions; and more effective treatment of diseases and other health conditions.

Thanyapura Health focuses on personalised preventive, regenerative and anti-aging medicine. Our services and programs focus on improving vitality, performance, and slowing the aging process. Because we emphasise the long-term results of our treatments, our medical team not only monitor your health improvement while you stay with us, but also provide advice about how to continue to improve your well-being, anti-aging, prevention, regeneration and healing after you finish your treatment program with us.

Our health services and programs are personalised for each individual and reflect Thanyapura’s signature 3-dimensional approach to conditioning the body, mind and soul with exercise, mind training, relaxation, and psychotherapeutic interventions. Because Thanyapura Health is a fully integrated centre within the Thanyapura Phuket sports complex, we have access to a full range of sporting and fitness facilities, including professional sport coaching and mind training, in addition to the therapies and services provided by our professional medical and complementary medicine practitioners, and our world-class laboratories, testing facilities, pharmacy and medication suppliers.

Thanyapura Health is proud of our innovative and highly exclusive Bio Reset individualized regenerative therapy, to help repair damaged tissues and improve other health issues. This method follows natural bionic principles of human body.

Whether you want to manage a particular health risk, boost your immunity, manage your weight, de-stress, or generally increase your energy levels and well-being, Thanyapura Health is the best solution for your health.


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